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Brown, Bill – “The Star Ducks” (1950)


A reporter is called from the city to the country to investigate a mysterious plane crash, and he quickly turns into the straight man in an Abbott and Costello routine. The crash was, of course, an alien landing, but the country folk (the Alsops)  are such stupid rubes that they don’t even know how amazing this is. The aliens, despite being telepathic beings who are “part bug,” know to keep “their antennae neatly curled to show they weren’t eavesdropping on other people’s minds,” and “their name is something about bending iron with a hammer.” The reporter eventually puzzles out that this is “Smith.” Get it? The aliens are Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

The Smiths had visited 3 years prior and traded the Alsops some space eggs for some chicken eggs… only the eggs had rotted before they reached their home planet, so now they’re back for a breeding pair. After they blast off, the reporter, desperate for proof of this momentous occasion, asks the Alsops where the space eggs are, and is told that they hatched into star ducks – something like a hippo combined with a swallow, with 6 legs each.

The Alsops ate them for Thanksgiving.

Maybe Bleiler and Dikty felt this bit of anti-common-folk tomfoolery was necessary to balance out the message of the Mindworm?

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  1. Rajesh kumar Parihar permalink

    I want to study the biography of Brown. Where can I get access to it?…

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