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Carr, Robert S. – “Easter Eggs” (1949)


Alien visitation as a chance to espouse American moral superiority vis-a-vis the USSR: one Martian lands in Washington D. C. (in a ship conveniently marked with the astronomical symbol for Mars) and another lands outside the Kremlin. Martians, we learn, are an ancient species who are dying out due to lack of the four precious elements which make Earth the “Garden of Eden of our solar system:” oxygen, water, earth, and blue sky (?). Even though they apparently require the same environment as humans, we are forcefully reminded nonetheless that theirs is an “alien intelligence, aloof, inhuman, inconceivably remote from our ways of reasoning.” Despite this, each is swayed by the arguments of their respective hosts – with the American offering a “fifth essential element of life… Its name is freedom” – and they become a pair of Cold Warriors and use their ships to fight to the death. The victor returns to Mars to summon forth a host of his species in order to enforce the victory of his side – but no one on Earth is sure which was the winner.

Also featuring a buffoonish general who refuses to listen to reason or scientists (“No life on Mars. Subject is closed.” To which an Einstein-ish character says “In science, no subject is ever closed. Only minds.”) and a woman who at first refuses to give up her fulfilling secretarial job in the White House to move to the Midwest with her fiancé, only to have the events of the story remove her “confusion.”


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