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Sturgeon, Theodore – “The Hurkle is a Happy Beast” (1949)


Like last year’s “Thang,” a study of relativity. The hurkle is a kitten-ish alien with six legs which falls into some sort of portal on its homeworld (where it is a pet) and ends up at an elementary school on Earth. Hijinks ensue – the hurkle, which purrs by “sending a wave of radiations outward,” finds that on Earth said radiations create intense feelings of itching among humans, while the creature’s “invisibility reflex” is reversed and makes it more visible, and it longs for the orange sky and heavier gravity of its homeworld, etc. The teacher, attempting to protect what the hurkle sees as his “racks of animals” blasts it with DDT and drives it off. Prompted either by the DDT or the solar radiation on the Earth, the hurkle begins to reproduce parthogenetically. The story ends with this revelation, with the hurkles left to presumably take over the world.

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  1. Just read this one — not sure why people think Sturgeon is a SF great — yes, More than Human was great but other than that I’ve been quite disappointed with his work.

    • I can’t think of anything else of his that I’ve read, but it sounds like I’m not missing much.

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