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The Best Science Fiction Stories: 1950 (ed. E. F. Bleiler and T. E. Dikty)


Year Two

More of the same – unsurprisingly, given that 7 of the 13 stories here are by authors who were also in last year’s edition. The authors are all American, all white, and with, the exceptions again of Wilmar Shiras and a story half-written by C. L. Moore, all male (although this volume does have a story with a woman protagonist, there are also seven that feature no women characters at all). Need I point out that none pass the Bechdel test? Most focus on a white liberal man, often a scientist, or, at the least, a person smarter than average, although there is an upsurge in stories about aliens this year.

Six take place in contemporary American society, two in the near future, two in some mid-future point, and three in the far future.

One story takes place on an alien planet, one is mostly set on Earth but features an introduction on an alien planet, one takes place in orbit around the Earth, and the other 10 are set here.


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