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Boucher, Anthony – “Nine-Finger Jack” (1951)


John Smith, a serial wife-murderer, discovers while trying to drown his 9th bride in the bathtub that she has gills, after which she reveals that she is a native of Venus, which “has as its dominant race our species of amphibian mammals, in all other respects superficially identical with homo sapiens.” Make of that what you will.

The rest of the story follows John’s exploits in trying to rid the world of these aliens (including using a squirting lapel flower to uncover their gills?), culminating in… something having to do with him chopping off a finger and feeding it to her to poison her or something? I don’t really recall the details, because they were sort of drowned out by that fact that this is a story about the protagonist joyfully trying to murder his 9th wife in a row, so…

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