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Originally, this was a project that involved reading, in chronological order, at least one “year’s best” anthology of science fiction from every year that they have been produced (beginning with a collection of stories from 1948). I plan on doing this with an eye toward historicizing both the future histories within the texts themselves and the historical contexts informing their creation, tracing the construction of the genre’s megatext, the “elaborate fictional background, tropes, images, and conventions that science fiction or fantasy narratives share.”

That petered out after about ten volumes, having driven home that overly-rational sf is not my cup of tea, and my reading (and therefore blog) are more focused on weird fiction these days. Some thoughts on what exactly weird fiction is can be found at my review of the first volume of the Year’s Best Weird Fiction.

  1. Just found this blog. This is a great idea. I’ll be following with interest!

    • Thanks, Simon. I had been neglecting it for a while but I hope to get back to it as a more regular thing soon.

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